Pixel gun 3D game review

There has been a massive number downloads of pixel pixel gun 3d hack gun 3D game all over the world, this could be
owed by the gain in popularity of the game. Many people are finding it a good game but is it really a
good game? In this review, we will try to find out whether pixel 3D game is a hit or a miss. Pixel is a
shooting game, which incorporates using different weapons to kill zombies that have invaded a village
and caused havoc. You as a player you are expected to kill all the zombies and return the village to its
once peaceful state.

Strong points

Wide variety of modes. The pixel gun 3D game gives its players different modes of play, which the player
can choose from according to their taste. These modes include the survival mode, which incorporates
the single player mode where you are required to protect yourself from the zombies by killing them.
Then there is death match where you can play the game as many as 8 players by assisting each other in
killing the zombies and finally the cooperative mode the mini mode of death match, which incorporates
playing of 4 players. These modes therefore give a wide scope of choosing the mode that suits them
which is a very encouraging attribute.

Wide variety of weapons. The pixel gun game has a myriad of weapons to choose from. This therefore
gives the player a great head start and options when playing the game. This is what makes the game
attractive and exciting. You are therefore provided with a range of the weapons that perform different
actions found in the game. This therefore gives the player the options they need.

Weak points

The interactive element in the child’s life. The pixel pixel gun 3d hack gun game developers produced a feature that allows
for interactivity via texts while one is playing the game. This is a point of concern to parents whose
children play the game. This will enable them to come across a myriad of information that a child is not
supposed to be exposed to in that tender age.

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