Is Your Lead Acid Battery Dead? No Worries, Here’s how you can Recondition It

Is Your Lead Acid Battery Dead? No Worries, Here’s how you can Recondition It


Hello there, welcome. Today it’s a fair opportunity to tell you guys about battery reconditioning. A car battery is very expensive in price when it gets consumed fully we generally take another burden while buying another one. What if you how to recondition a car battery? So, let the discussion be started about how we can revive a car battery step by step.


Things you need first

Ø    Distilled water

Ø    Voltmeter

Ø    The charger of the Battery and

Ø    A funnel or a syringe.


 Steps How to Simply Recondition Your Battery

1.       Start with putting it out of the car and remove all the caps attached to the battery. All of them must be put off.

2.       Now fill the cell with some distilled water as it was a requirement said above. After you pour the water put the charger back on to it and charge it by not getting those caps back on. Leave it like this for at least for an hour, you will see air bubbles are coming out from the uncapped holes. If there are none then change the cables to the exact opposite poles against how you have done it earlier. Now there should be bubbles in said places, you have to now put the cables back to the original position. Leave it like this for another half an hour.

3.       Final step refers to the Acid pouring into the cell. As earlier, you poured distilled water inside the battery, this time you mix it with required acid and pour the mix inside and charge it for several hours. Most probably you will see the battery will work just fine.


Both the methods will work, each of them will give your battery a life again. So, don’t worry about the methods required, just act the part what it requires. Thanks for checking out the suggestions on Duracell battery reconditioning.