Strategies to be taken in the Bricks n Balls Game


In the Bricks n Balls game, one can launch as many balls and destroy as many bricks for their play way. The game gives you relax and it is free to download at your devices. You have to play very carefully to establish good position in the game as you can save the green moves as they are quite essential in your gaming. You had to angle the ball in the direction so that all the bricks get easily destroyed.

  • Strategy to shoot the ball from the angle

The bad strategy which is taken by most of us is that there are some who take straight shots. The right technique to score high in the game, is done by bouncing the large number of balls from the right direction. You had hit large number of bricks if you know what the right side of your shoot is.

  • When to shoot from straight angles

You can only hit from the straight angles when there are less quantity of bricks and you are having large amount of rubies and stars with you. Since if you are unable to get the right direction to hit the ball from the angle or location, you can easily check it out from the Bricks n Balls Cheats.

  • Complete all the challenges and levels

You will get more currencies and benefits when you use the green moves at right time and also in right direction.  You had to complete the challenges which are based on the balls and bricks. As you move in the game, difficulty level increases. So set you mind in the direction that you had to achieve for at least three stars and also to obtain the rubies for free which enhance you play way in better form.