Sweatcoin – stay healthy and earn money


The name itself defines it that the app pays you for your sweat. The app is free to download and install and it tracks your steps the entire day and then alter them into cryptocurrency which is digital money. To incent you is aim of the app and to get you going. Besides, it helps you get off the cozy couch, gives break from your hectic schedule and starts moving. The app also aims at your better look, better health and better financial position. But you can also rely on Sweatcoin Cheats. Sweatcoin offers to have some bucks in your purse and pocket.

App’s level and coins

The app provides you free mover level and paid shaker membership level. Every day you are able to earn 5 Swearcoins with the help of mover level. However, you have to pay 5 percent of cryptocurrency as commission. Shaker level membership of the app can be got by spending fresh coins. If you want more Sweatcoins then you have to update you app as there are updates available.

Walking benefits and coins

The app installer whenever walks and goes for a small distance, then it benefits not only from health point of view but also collects coins or digital money in user’s account. The digital money can be spent on buying goods and services from different companies. The earned money can also be given to the charity and help your friends and family members. It keeps the user healthy and active and always incents him or her to be fit and fine.

App’s other useful feature

The app not only provides health benefits and coins but also keep the battery save. The saver mode of the app keeps a curb on battery consumption. The user of the app may also try Sweatcoin Cheats to have more digital currency and stay motivated. Thus, there is advantage of installing app and stay fit and financially stress free.